Institute of Fluid Mechanics & Engineering

Institute of Fluid Machinery and Engineering

The history of the Fluid Machinery and Engineering Institute dates back to 1955, when power equipment research group was founded in Water Conservancy Department of Tsinghua University. Under the leadership of the famous Chinese fluid machinery expert Prof. Mei Zuyan, the group further developed into hydraulic machinery group in 1960. After years of adjustment, it is now officially named as the Institute of Fluid Machinery and Engineering under Thermal Energy Engineering Department for the need of its development. At present, Fluid Machinery and Engineering is one branch of Power Engineering and Thermal Physics with master degree station, doctoral degree station and postdoctoral research station on top level of thermal physics. The research content of the institute corresponds to the key parts of energy and power engineering, and contributes to the basic industries in Chinese national economic development.

With many years of development, 3 dominating research fields are formed in the institute:

(1) Flow Theory and Flow Control of Fluid Machinery System

Internal steady and unsteady turbulent flow analysis; internal complex flow pattern and dynamic performance under design conditions and off-design conditions; measurement and analysis of internal flow; flow control and optimization design theory.

(2) Dynamic Theory and Optimum Design of Fluid Machinery System

Research of transient simulation; automatic control and simulation in the systems of hydropower station, pump station, pumped storage power station and large-scale water transportation project; measurement and analysis of transition process and system stability; dynamic performance of fluid machinery; on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis of fluid machinery system; overall force analysis of fluid machinery; bearing-rotor dynamics research; vibration research of the powerhouse main body; fatigue and life analysis, etc.
(3) New Fluid Machinery Research

New fluid machinery for renewable energy utilization; application and principle of bionic-type and environment harmonious type fluid machinery; biological fluid dynamics and its application.

As an essential division of the State Key Laboratory of Hydro-science and Engineering, the institute is actively participating in the modern construction of integrative fluid machinery laboratory.

In recent years, the Institute has completed many national foundation projects and industrial projects and achieved many awards at national and ministerial level, including 2 national scientific and technological progress award and 12 ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and already obtained more than 20 items of invention patent authorization and published more than 100 SCI papers. It has closed cooperation relations with many foreign countries, hosted several international conferences and enjoys international prestige in the corresponding academic fields. The cooperative research partners include various universities and companies from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, etc.

The Institute has an excellent research team renowned from home and aboard with reasonable age structure and pioneering innovation spirit. An essential mechanism for research and originality innovation, as well as an approach for talents introduction, cultivation and rational flow, has also been formed. Now the Institute is composed of 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 1 technician, 9 project researchers, 1 administrative staff, several post-doctors and nearly 30 masters and Ph.D.s.

Contact:Prof. Wang Zhengwei (Director)
Office phone:+86-10-62791262
Mailing address: Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China
Postal Code: 100084