Appointment ceremony and inaugural speech of distinguished visiting professor Dr.E.N. Pistikopoulos

In April 25, 2017, Department of Thermal Engineering held “Appointment ceremony and inaugural speech of distinguished visiting Professor Dr.E.N. Pistikopoulos” in the lecture hall.

Professor Pistikopoulos is TEES Distinguished Research Professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Professor Pistikopoulos is the Interim Co-Director of the Texas A&M Energy Institute, the Course Director of the Master of Science in Energy, the Director of the Gulf Coast Regional Manufacturing Centre, and the Texas A&M Principal Investigator of the DoE-funded RAPID initiative and Institute on process intensification, co-leading the Modeling & Simulation Focus Area. He was a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, UK (1991-2015) and the Director of its Centre for Process Systems Engineering (2002-2009). Professor Pistikopoulos is an international expert in the field of modelling and controlling, and he has authored or co-authored over 400 major research publications in the field of modelling, controlling, optimization of process and energy engineering system applications. Professor Pistikopoulos pays a lot of attention to the international academic communications and contributes much to the development of energy power system research in Tsinghua University. This appointment will help to promote the research in energy field, discipline construction and personnel training.


The head and the secretary of the Department of Thermal Engineering, awarded the certificate to professor Pistikopoulos

Professor Li Zheng, the head of the Department of Thermal Engineering, said that: “Industrial process modelling is a significant method to study energy dynamic systems and professor Pistikopoulos is the leading researcher in this field. The appointment will promote the development of energy dynamic systems and related disciplines in Tsinghua University.”

Appointment ceremony and inaugural speech of distinguished visiting Professor Dr.E.N. Pistikopou

After the ceremony, Professor Pistikopoulos gave an academic report named “Towards the grand unification of model-based design, control and scheduling”. Based this report, Professor Pistikopoulos shared his deep thinking and research progress on industrial process design and operation application and further he presented his research results—the characteristics, function and industrial application of multi-scale energy and process systems engineering and multi-parametric programming and control. Faculties and students from the Tsinghua BP Clean Energy Research and Education Center participated in the ceremony and report.