Preparing for Your Career

Title:Preparing for Your Career

Reporter:Prof. Wing F. Ng

                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA)

Time: 15:30-17:00, April 25th, 2016

Place:Lecture Hall, Department of Thermal Engineering

Abstract:This presentation is based on the personal experience of Dr. Wing Ng, as an engineering professor, as an entrepreneur, and as well as from his work experience with industries. The targeted audiences are undergraduate and graduate engineering students who will be finishing their education and leaving the university soon. The discussion is divided into three parts.

Industry: What is expected of you? How to manage your career?

Graduate school: What are a MS & a PhD? On choosing a project/Professor/School

Entrepreneurship: Why do you want it and what it takes to succeed?

In each part, he will share his own experience of the do and don’t, and how to avoid making mistakes. It is an informal, experience based discussion of observing & participating in success and from stepping in some of the traps: “Mixing engineering with business: Lessons from the school of hard knocks.” 

Brief Biography:Prof. Wing Ng holds the Chris Kraft Endowed Professorship of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech.  In addition to his role as a full-time faculty, he also is the owner of a technology and manufacturing company. He has won many awards from his teaching, research and entrepreneur activities.  PhD MIT Gas Turbine Lab. He has 35 years of research experience in aerodynamics & heat transfer of gas turbines. He owns 5 ASME best paper awards and he is the Advisor to NASA & US Air Force.