Workshop: how to write & review scientific manuscripts/Update on Mendeley

The workshop will address the following topics:  

How to prepare your project before writing an article and how to select a journal.   How to write a scientific article and what are important points to pay attention to?   How to prepare a review. 

An update on Mendeley (Reference Management, Data Management, Social, Overview over your impact)

Time: Oct.25th (Tuesday)  14:00-16:00

Location:The 1st Meeting room, Department of Thermal Engineering 


Christian Schulz Publisher, Chemistry, Elsevier based in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Dr. Schulz studied Molecular Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at the Dresden University of Technology (Germany), Uppsala University (Sweden) and Goettingen University (Germany). He received his PhD for cell biologi-cal and biochemical work carried out in the International Max Planck Research School in Goettingen.