President of University of La Sapienza Visits Tsinghua

Prof. Giuseppe Dascenzo, President of University of La Sapienza in Italy, paid his first visit to Tsinghua University on May, 24. President Gu Binglin welcomed the distinguished guests in the I-shaped Hall, and both sides discussed further cooperation during the meeting.

President Gu first introduced the present development of Tsinghua, and stressed that the University paid special attention to the cooperation with the famous European universities, such as the University of La Sapienza in Italy. Prof. Giuseppe Dascenzo agreed with President Gu on the importance of further cooperation, and planned to expand the present cooperation programs on Masters, and to issue diplomas which are certifiable in both Europe and China.

As one of the three oldest universities in Europe, the University of La Sapienza in Italy can date back to the 14th century. It currently has 150,000 registered students, thus, in this sense, it is the largest university in Europe.

After the meeting, Prof. Giuseppe Dascenzo visited the School of Architecture and the Department of Chemical Engineering.