School of Aeronautics and Aviation Established

On May 18, 2004, a whole new school- the School of Aeronautics and Aviation was established in Tsinghua University, and Academician Wang Yongzhi was appointed to be the first Dean of this school.

The new school is located at the Science Building, and presently includes the Department of Aeronautics and Aviation, the Department of Engineering Physics, the Aerospace Tsinghua Satellite Technology Co. and the Aeronautic Technology Research Center. The researches of the school will mainly cover three levels, which include the system and general researches, the key technology researches and the researches about space science.

The University has put special emphasis on the development of disciplines of Aeronautics and Aviation since 1990s, and thus the Aeronautic Technology Research Center has been established. Many other achievements such as the successful launch of the Aerospace Tsinghua Satellite–I and the Nano-satellite NS- I were also made during these years. As the Nation’s demand for talents in Aeronautics and Aerospace increases, the University decided to found this new school after long-term evaluation and appraisal.

On the founding ceremony of the School of Aeronautics and Aviation, President Gu Binglin issued the letter of appointment of the school dean to Prof. Wang Yongzhi and addressed the students and faculty members of the school. The Seminar for the developing strategies of Aeronautics and Aviation was held afterward, and Academician Wang Yongzhi, Academician Gu Songfen and Academician Yang Wei delivered speeches on the seminar.