Ni Ping’s Friendly Chat with Tsinghua Students

Ni Ping, toastmaster of the CCTV and one of the best toastmasters around China, came to Meng Minwei Building of Tsinghua on the evening of May 13, and held a friendly chat with the students and talked about her unusual experience of thirteen-year toastmaster and exchanged with the students on the philosophy of life.

Ni’s style of appetency was widely acknowledged by the Chinese masses and this time was no exception. “I sincerely express my gratitude to my parents who are only ordinary people, and I also owe thanks to the poor situation in my childhood,” she said passionately when referred to her early life. The inherent perseverance in Ni Ping propelled her all along the way from a common actress in Shandong Province to the best toastmaster of CCTV. “Hold opportunities whenever possible, and never expect the pizza will come into your mouth voluntarily.” She concluded her endeavors to continually challenge the fate. When students asked about the reason for her success of being toastmaster, she remarked emotionally: “to be a man is much more essential than to be an anchorman (toastmaster)”.