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Faculty at GSST

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Establishing a team of top class faculty and staff is the key to the success of the Graduate School. The current faculty consists of three different types: full-time, dual-based (Shenzhen and Beijing campuses) and part-time.

The full time members are either recruited locally, internationally or transferred from the main campus. They are the driving force of the graduate school.

The dual-based members are employed on the main campus and work part-time at Shenzhen to carry on collaborative research or to supervise students. They help to maintain a natural link between the two campuses.

The part-time members are senior members from local enterprises and institutions, some of whom are academicians. They help to establish a close tie between the Graduate School and the local community.

The graduate school has established a motivated and efficient faculty team for teaching and research with 98 full-time members, 24 postdoctors, 10 academicians and more than 100 dual-based members. The main body of the faculty team has changed from dual-based teachers to full-time teachers.