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Research at GSST

The main objectives of the Graduate School are to serve the development of the regional and national economies and contribute to Tsinghua's endeavour to become a world-class university. The Graduate School aims to achieve academic prominence in research and teaching by transplanting key disciplines from the main campus to
Shenzhen, developing new disciplines with local characteristics, and promoting interdisciplinary collaborations.

Research in the Graduate School covers various areas with science and technology as its main focus. The Graduate School consists of five divisions-Information Science and Technology, Engineering, Logistics and Management, Science and Liberal Arts, and Life Science.

The Graduate School has established many institutes and laboratories, including the Shenzhen branches of four state level research entities, a Guangdong province key laboratory, and six Shenzhen key laboratories. There are also six joint laboratories with overseas universities and a number of joint entities with enterprises. With special
financial support from the Shenzhen government, the Graduate School has been setting up three large laboratories aiming at the national key laboratory standard in information science and technology, cleaner production, and health science and technology.

As the sole branch campus of Tsinghua, the Graduate School has established its academic structure based on the competitive research areas at the main campus and from the needs of the fast growing local economy. The Graduate School is determined to utilise local characteristics to make logistics and marine science its outstanding
disciplines, and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations to build up comprehensive strength in dedicated areas such as cleaner production, new medicine, multimedia, and clinical medical devices.