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Executive Education

Executive Education

The Excutive Training Center was formed at the time of the School's founding in 2000. The mission of the center is to provide leading executive training programs on public policy and management in China. Proprams are tailored for constituencies from central and local governmenet agencies. Taught by selected faculty form SPPM and other faculty members in and outside Tsinghua, the Center offers various training programs ranging from 3 days to a full year in the frontiers of public policy and management.

1) Facilities
Academic activities take place in the SPPM buliding located in the Eastern part of the Tsinghua campus. Modern classrooms of varing size are utilized for both school-year and executive training programs and the building also houses a well-equipped computer lab and school library. On-campus accommodation is also available.

2) Programs

General Public Management Programs
---Intensive Program on Public Management
---Core-course program on Public Management
---Select Program on Public Management

Customized Programs
-- Executive Programs for Judicial Departments
-- Science and Technology Management Program
-- Infrasturcture Management Program
-- Public Health Program

Thematic Programs
-- Crisis Management Program
-- Innovation Management Program
-- City Management in a Changing World

Joint Programs
-- Tsinghua-Harvard-DRC Executive Training Program on Public Management
-- Tsinghua-Harvard Executive Training Program on Public Management

3) Contact Information for Executive Training Affairs:
Tel:86-10-62771950; 62797210