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Brief introduction

In recent years China's political and economic reforms have intensified, fundamentally changing both the mission and function of government agencies at all levels. These changes have created new challenges and call for a new generation of public servants and senior managers in all public sectors.

Tsinghua University's objective for the 21st century is to become a world-class university.  To achieve this goal, great efforts have been made to accelerate the development of humanities, social sciences, and legal disciplines that complement the university’s traditional strengths in natural sciences, engineering, and economic management.

The advantages of Tsinghua University stem from a unique combination of multi-disciplinary strength, cutting-edge research, advanced teaching facilities, demanding intellectual environment, and considerable experience in the training of leadership in academic, economic, technical and political arenas. These resources have created a solid foundation for the further development of our school.

Great progress has been made in the last few years.  We have now built an outstanding faculty team and established an excellent MPA program and research-oriented M.A. and Ph.D. programs in public management.  Our research activities in public policy and management have made important contribution to the better understanding of public services in China and to the formulation and implementation of public policies in the government.  We have also provided various executive training programs for senior Chinese government officials.  Close links and partnerships have also been forged with international organizations and academic programs in public policy and management around the world. 

It would not be possible for us to do this work without the great support of so many organizations and individuals who are committed to the improvement of public policy and management in China.  To whom we are deeply grateful.  Please visit us at Tsinghua or at http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/.