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Professor Yin Chengzhi Attended 5th Annual MDP Summit

As the representative of SPPM and the MID Program, Professor Yin Chengzhi attended the 5th Annual Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) Summit in Senegal from February 26 to March 2. The main topics included sustainable development, field training collaboration, and ideas for future “global classrooms”. At the Alumni and Job Placement session, Professor Yin shared MID alumni and career advising experiences with other MDP program representatives. In addition, he visited the millennium Villages Project in Potou, Senegal.


As the IMPA 2011 class professor, Professor Yin Chengzhi met with IMPA alumni Adama Diallo and talked to the students about Adama’s current employment.


The Annual MDP Summit is based on the MDP global network, composed of 24 programs from 17 countries, with the goal of reviewing the achievements of the past year and discussing future development plans. Professor Yin Chengzhi has been teaching the MID Global Program video course on the topic of sustainable development since fall semester of 2009.