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The 11th CIDEG Board & Academic Committee Meeting Held

On February 25th, 2013, the 11th CIDEG Board & Academic Committee Meeting was successfully held at the School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Chen Qingtai and attended by Prof. Masahiko Aoki, Prof. Wu Jinglian, Prof. Xue Lan, Prof. Xie Weihe and other 18 board and academic Committee members. Some new members were generated by the meeting, e.g. Mr. Nobuyori Kodaira and Mr. Hiroji Onishi from Toyota Motor were offered appointment of new board members, Prof. Barry Naughton joined as academic committee member, etc.

During the meeting, Prof. Chen Qingtai, CIDEG board chairman firstly addressed the development of CIDEG in the past few years, while Prof. Masahiko Aoki, Co-chair of academic committee commented on the concerted development between environmental protection and industrial development. Followed by Prof. Wu Jinglian raising some suggestion for CIDEG’s future development. Finally, Mr. Nobuyori Kodaira expressed the gratitude on behalf of Toyota Motor to all members for their endeavors, and will continue to provide support to the center.

By this meeting, Prof. Meng Jianjun and Prof. Gao Shiji shared their research projects on “A Comparative Study of Policy Formulation in China and Japan-Japan's experience and lessons” and “Leadership in Cutting-edge Innovation and Research-based National Technology Industrial Strategy” , respectively.