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IMPA2012 Students Successfully Completed the Field Trip to Western China

From October 4 to 7, the IMPA2012 students took on a fruitful trip to Wenchuan County, Deyang and Chengdu in Sichuan Province, to learn about the post-disaster reconstruction, cultures of local ethnic minorities, protection of the wild life, city renewal and development of the heavy industry in the western part of China. The field trip was carefully designed and led by Ms. MENG Bo, Assistant Dean, and Professor YIN Chengzhi. This field trip was financially supported by MCC Overseas Ltd.

Students visited the Luobo Village, Wenchuan Museum, Shui Mo Old Village, Sanjiang Panda Base, Yingxiu Earthquake Site, Dong Fang Turbine Co.,Ltd., Chengdu Urban Planning Exhibition, and Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley. They showed great interest when visiting the Qiang ethnic residential houses. Lusine and Karen from Armenia were excited to see that the Qiang ethnic housing is quite similar to theirs, so is the altitude. They recalled the sweetness of their home, though they were far away from their hometown.

After a four-day field study in Sichuan, a province in Western China, it has left a deep impression on our students. They constantly interacted with the local minority groups, which enriched their understanding of Chinese culture. This field trip enabled students to learn public administration knowledge in a more effective way, and greatly inspired students’ confidence and determination to build their own country and the economy by learning Chinese successful experiences.