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Afternoon Tea with the Dean

The MID Program Office held the first Afternoon Tea with the Dean round table discussion in the afternoon of May 22. It sought to create an opportunity for international students to talk face to face with our dean. The round table discussion was attended by Ms. Meng Bo, the Assistant Dean; Professor Liu Zhilin, MDP Executive Director; Professor Mei Cixi,the Class Professor of MID 2010; and 20 students from both MID classes.

First, following Dean Xue’s request, MID students made self-introduction one by one. Dean Xue is deeply concerned about student’s internship progress and inquired them on their summer internship plans. Next, Dean Xue discussed findings of his latest research “Global Economic Governance in Transition: A View of China” with the attendees. Students listened in carefully on Dean Xue’s research findings and exchanged personal thoughts with Dean Xue on European sovereign-debt crisis, China’s economic development and the roles China plays in the global community and major international events that are unfolding

The hour-long discussion strengthens the bond between international students, the dean and SPPM. Dean Xue extended his sincere wishes to our students and wish students in the MID 2010 class success on their oral defense. He also hopes students of MID 2011 could have a more fulfilling summer by performing social practices and internships. After the round table discussion, students expressed that they appreciated this precious opportunity to witness the first hand Dean Xue’s academic charisma.