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MID 2012 Winter Field Trip to Pearl River Delta

With goals to enhance understanding of China’s developmental issues and to meet academia with real world practice, a total of ten students from both MID classes embarked on a one-week winter field trip to the Pearl River Delta Region; the field trip started on January 9th and ended on 13th.

Shenzhen, January 9th to 10th

The first stop of the tour was Shenzhen. The sites our students visited were Qianhai Special Economic Zone, EVOC, and Shenzhen Virtual University Campus. Students had the opportunity to witness the first hand development of the Qianhai Project, a newly launched economic zone in Guangdong Province, and were all very impressed. The latter two organizations are China’s largest specialized computing equipment manufacturer and the nation’s first virtual university campus, respectively. Through these sites visit students gained understandings of China’s cutting-edge technology industries’ development as well as roles colleges and universities play in promoting Shenzhen’s economic development.

Zhuhai, January 11th

Accompanied by staffs at Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Bureau, MID students first visited the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority and then met with head figures of the authority from both Guangdong and Hong Kong for a roundtable discussion. The authority first introduced the design, progress, and challenges of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to the Tsinghua delegation. Then the host warmly invited foreign students of SPPM to Zhuhai and join its work team. Next, the group visited Hengqin New Area. The administration committee briefed the group on Hengqin’s development and planning. Finally, with goals to better understand development models of China’s private enterprises, MID students toured Singyes Solar, a renowned solar energy enterprise in China. MID Students listen to introduction about the technology and marketing strategy given by the manager at Singyes Solar Company.

Hong Kong, January 12th to 13th

After the delegation arrived in Hong Kong, MID students first visited Hong Kong University and received a warm reception from Dr. P. Y. Cheng, Director of Masters of Public Administration Program at the Department of Politics and Public Administration. Then our students sat down with Dr. Cheng discussed on topics including “One Country Two Systems” and issues faced by Hong Kong in its development path. On the second day, students arrived at Sha Tin District of Hong Kong for a visit led by officials from the Housing Department and legislators of the Sha Tin District. During the visit, MID students inquired about public housing construction and relevant policies, and then toured to a public housing community. Lastly, our delegation visited Hong Kong Legislation and participated in a roundtable discussion with Legislator Dr. Prescilla Leung Mei-fun. Dr. Leung patiently answered questions raised by our students. The questions were mainly regarding Hong Kong’s legal institution. After two days spent in Hong Kong, students acquired elementary knowledge of Hong Kong’s development under “One Country, Two Systems.”

This winter field trip was initiated and organized by international students, and supported by the SPPM. A staff member led the delegation. After the week-long site visited in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Hong Kong, our students gained direct insights into China’s economic reforms through “hands-on” field experience; at the same time, they also learned about China’s development beyond textbooks.