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Center for China’s Political Development

    This center focuses on the process, transition and evolution of China Political development, of which new trend, new features and new experience has been summarized. Through research project, cooperation and dialogue, the center will dedicate to a completed study and summary on the path, the style and the characteristics of China Political development and its experience on revolution of political institution.

    The center invites experts and scholars from relevant fields to make research and discussion on those issues. The purpose is to strengthen the relationship with government and public institutes, to enhance the cooperation with academic centers, to establish a platform for high-level academic exchanges and dialogues. This organizing coordination center will be dedicated to the perception and understanding to China political development.

    Professor Zhang Xiaojin serves as the Director of the Center, and Dr. Tan Huosheng is invited as the executive director. 


Prof. Zhang Xiaojin, Director        Dr. Tan Huosheng, Executive Director


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