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Center for Comparative Regional Integration Studies - CRIS

    Center for Comparative Regional Integration Studies is focusing on the topic of regional integration and development. It has investigated the integration process of different regions in the world, and of which the common trends and unique properties. The study is also concern about the change of regional order and its impact to both global system and national states.

    The center has established partnership with the Center of Comparative Regional Integration Studies of United Nation University (UNU-CRIS). We are planning to implement research projects, organize academic exchanges and engage into international dialogues through bilateral coordination and multilateral cooperation, which dedicates to expand and deepen studies on regional integration.

    The center invited Dr. SONG Xinning as the first director. He was the senior research fellow of UNU-CRIS from 2007 to 2010, and hornored with Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in 2010.


Dr. Xinning Song



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