The Department of Physics provides high-quality graduate program. Since 2012, more than 1011 graduates have received master or doctor degree in science. Some of them have become outstanding in their field and made great contributions to the development of physics and related sciences, or possessed the team leadership in some national key projects.  

The Department of Physics is authorized by the Ministry of Education of China to confer doctoral degree in two primary disciplines which the graduate program covers, physics and astronomy. For physics, except for radio physics, it covers almost all of the seven sub-disciplines in physics, including theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, optics, atomic and molecular physics, particle and nuclear physics, acoustics and plasma physics.  Among them, condensed matter physics, particle and nuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics are credited as national key disciplines. In addition, astrophysics is also well developed as one of the sub-disciplines of astronomy in our department.

The Department of Physics has a postdoctoral research station, which involves all sub-disciplines of physics.




Teaching institution:


Academic Degrees Committee for Physics and Astronomy, Tsinghua Unversity

Chair: Pengfei Zhuang

Committee Member: Pu Yu,  Li You,  Yayu Wang,  Xiangbin Wang,  Qing Wang,  Xiaofeng Wang,  Pengfei Zhuang,  Zhigang Xiao,  Wenhui Duan,  Luming Duan,  Zhengyu Weng,  Yuanning Gao


The Committee of Graduate Training and administration

Chair: Pengfei Zhuang

Committee Member: Lijun Wang,  Xiangbin Wang,  Xiaofeng Wang,  Pengfei Zhuang,  Cheng Li,  Zhigang Xiao,  Ke He, Weihua Zhang,  Xin Chen,  Shuyun Zhou,  TEY Meng Khoon,  Yonggang Zhao,  Wenhui Duan,  Ping Xue