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The Master of Law Program (LL.M. Program) in International Arbitration and Dispute Settlement (IADS) is designed to meet the theoretical and practical needs of Chinese and foreign students and practitioners. The program aims to offer an up-to-date knowledge of international commercial and investment arbitration as well as WTO and other dispute settlement methods with a strong emphasis on practice. The IADS course is conducted in English. The course directors are Professor Zhang Yuejiao and Professor Chen Weizuo. The faculty members are world-leading practitioners and professors including Teresa Cheng S.C., Albert Jan Van den Berg, Gary Born, , Tao Jingzhou, Justin D’Agostino, and Andrea K. Bjorklund.Students may also have the opportunity to secure clerkship of Chinese court and internship in major law firms in various jurisdictions. Candidates from all foreign jurisdictions with Bachelor’s Degree in Law and related areas can apply.

 "International arbitration warrants attention, if nothing else, because of its historic, contemporary and future practical importance, particularly in business affairs. For centuries, arbitration has been a preferred means for resolving transnational commercial disputes, as well as other important categories of international disputes. The preference which businesses have demonstrated for arbitration, as a means for resolving their international disputes, has become even more pronounced in the past several decades, as international trade and investment have burgeoned. As international commerce has expanded and become more complex, so too has its primary dispute resolution mechanism – international arbitration. The practical importance of international commercial arbitration is one reason that the subject warrants study by companies, lawyers, arbitrators, judges and legislators.” (Gary B Born International Commercial Arbitration, p.1)

For students who hold a passport of mainland China, please email arbitration@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn for information of application