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Program Overview

Tsinghua LL.M. Program In Chinese Law is the first formal legal educational program at the graduate level in China.  The program is designed and offered exclusively to foreign law students and legal professionals. It is believed that the best way of studying the legal system of a foreign country is to stay and live in the society while studying the rules and legal operations in that society. With the desire for wide-spread accessibility, this LL.M. Program does not only provide all courses and materials in English, but also the unique opportunity to get insight views of Chinese legal system and Chinese society through close contacts with Chinese students, legal professionals and locals. Such an experience will provide foreign students a first-hand experience with China’s rich cultural heritage. There are many LL.M. Alumni work in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

China hosts one of the largesteconomic and financialmarkets in the world.  As a leader for imports and exports, China has become one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment in the World.With this economic prosperity, China provides a unique social and academic experience, as well as abundant resources to all foreign students.  The Chinese legal system is supported by a complex infrastructure for enacting lacts, setting up legal institutes and building the rule of law in order to ensure profound social reform andcontinued economic growth.  These evolutions are paramount as Chinese society, and indeed its identity in a ever globalized world is established.    

"China is no longer an elective course. It's core curriculum.", (Steve Schwarzman) This is especially true for professionals of all trades around the world; especially academics, politicians, and business and legal professionals.   To meet this increasing demand for understanding Chinese legal system, the Tsinghua School Law launched this LL.M. Program in Chinese law for non-Chinese speaking law students and legal professionals in 2005. Its curriculum covers the major fields of Chinese law.

The Tsinghua L.L.M. in Chinese Law Program will offer you unique insights in Chinese legal system and exciting experience in China.