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Tsinghua & Microsoft Launch Joint Center for Innovation & IP


On October 28, 2013, Tsinghua University and the Microsoft Corporation held an unveiling ceremony for the Tsinghua University-Microsoft Joint Research Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property. The center will focus on intense study by prominent scholars of science and technology innovation as well as intellectual property protection subjects. The aim of the endeavor is to provide guidance for the creation of a sustainable, developmental innovation ecosystem and enhance intellectual property protection with a long-term mechanism.


More than 40 guests attended the launch ceremony of the Tsinghua-Microsoft Joint Research Center in the Gong Zi Office of Tsinghua University, including Tsinghua University Vice President Yuan Si, Microsoft Global Executive Vice President and General Legal Adviser Brad Smith, Tsinghua University Law School Dean Wang Zhenmin, Vice Dean Shen Weixing and several journalists. At the opening event, Tsinghua University Vice President Yuan said:

China is in an economic and social acceleration transformation period. Effective encouragement of innovation policies and a powerful intellectual property protection system are crucial to promote China’s transition to an innovative economy. The establishment of the Tsinghua University-Microsoft Joint Research Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property is at the right time. The research center will organize excellent experts and scholars in the fields of law, technology, and management to make deep study of important theories and practical issues for innovation and intellectual property. At the same time, the research center will make positive contributions to Chinese law and policy formulation to support major innovations and intellectual property protection, thus promoting the greatest social innovations in China.

Microsoft Global Executive Vice President and General Legal Adviser Brad Smith remarked at the occasion:

Innovation is an important power to drive economic development and social reform. A favorable intellectual property protection system is the foundation for encouraging innovation and fostering innovation. We look forward to doing something to create social circumstances for continuous improvement, innovation encouragement and intellectual property respect and China’s successful transition to an innovative and intellectual economy, through [Microsoft’s] cooperatiion with Tsinghua University.

Professor Wang Zhenmin, Dean of Tsinghua Law School, said:

Intellectual Property protection played a very important role in England’s and America’s technological revolution and social improvement through the promotion of innovations in science and technology. China is no exception. Tsinghua Law School has made great contributions to the Chinese construction of the rule of law in intellectual property and related fields. Under the framework of the Tsinghua-Microsoft Joint Research Center, Tsinghua University and other associated schools will cooperate together to push forward research for Chinese innovative policies and intellectual property protection.


The Tsinghua-Microsoft Joint Research Center has established a management committee with members coming from Tsinghua University and Microsoft Corporation. The director of the committee is Tsinghua University Vice President Xie Weihe, Tsinghua Law School Dean Wang Zhenmin is the Director of Joint Research Center, and Tsinghua Law Professor Cui Guobin is the executive director of the center.