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Message from Dean about Master of Law(LL.M.)

    We appreciate very much your interest in the Master of Law (LL.M.) Program in Chinese Law at the School of Law, Tsinghua University.

    Since the nation's adoption of the open-door policy in early 1980s, China has experienced rapid economic growth and played an increasingly important role in the international community. In the process of globalization and legal integration, Chinese law becomes one of the major legal studies in the world. Taught entirely in English, the(LL.M.)PROGRAM IN CHINESE LAW is the first program ever offered in China for foreign law students and legal professionals. It is designed to provide a step-by-step, comprehensive introduction to the Chinese legal system. To facilitate students' learning and practice of Chinese law, this program teaches not only black-letter law but also insights and appreciation of how Chinese law interacts with China's rich culture, dynamic economic growth and complex social transition. An ancient Chinese poet,once said that “[a true scholar should] read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles”. Today's evolving global economy and the new world order create an ever complex legal environment that demands legal practitioners and students to substantiate such a proverb into their legal career by traveling to other countries to expand their horizons and enrich their cross-cultural experience. Our LL.M. Program confidently offers you such an opportunity.

    In the unprecedented course of dynamic social transformation in China, Tsinghua School of Law, as a newly re-established law school, is mindful of both its rich history and the present need to carry on the tradition of excellence. Tsinghua School of Law enjoys a prominent place in our nation's legal education. We are proud that, within a short period of time, our law school has made extraordinary strides in establishing a leading position among its peers. In the course of globalization, we are determined to make it an open law school with a world perspective through continued international cooperative efforts. To accomplish this mission, we adopt new and innovative approaches to legal education and research. China's ambitious goal to establish the rule of law throughout the nation provides us with excellent opportunities to embark upon an exciting path of legal education and research, through which we will contribute our efforts to the building of the nation's legal structure as well as legal exchanges with other countries in the world.

    With your interest in coming to China for studying Chinese law, the Tsinghua School of Law is committed to working with you to ensure that your study and experience in China become an interesting and rewarding part of your career. Your participation in this program will make this program a continuously dynamic success.