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THU Law School Recruiting Chair Professors (or Teams) of Intellectual Property Law (Trademark Law Preferable)


The THU Law School (THULS) is a leading law school in China and enjoys high prestige and profound influence internationally. It boasts a top-quality law education for undergraduates and grants Ph. D. Degrees and Master Degrees in law. The Law School, with its advanced academic inquiry levels and ranked among the best law schools in China, is on the top agenda of the THU development.

To further enhance our teaching and academic research, and to promote the Intellectual Property Law studies to the world class level, the THULS looks globally for Chair Professors (or Teams) of the Intellectual Property Law (Trademark Law, Copyright Law and Patent Law). The employment, administration and assessment of the Chair Professors (or Teams) are subject to the THU Interim Regulations on Chair Professors.

    I. Requirements for Applicants   

    1. Professors and scholars of international fame.

    2. Outstanding academic achievements with international acclaim; published influential articles in first-class academic journals globally as first author or correspondent; well informed of the trend of the discipline and have insightful vision in discipline development.

    3. Good at team work and capable of organizing and leading the academic research team.

    4. The applicants may choose from the following two work models: They can either work full time or for certain duration of time each year at THULS. In either way, the instruction of a chosen course must be completed during each stay.

    5. A Team of Chair Professors may be formed, members of which shall be jointly determined by First Chair Professor and the Law School. There can be 3 to 10 members, each of whom shall meet the above requirements.

    II. Responsibilities   

    1. To specify the construction plan and implementation of the discipline, to put forward research subjects which can exert major influence on the discipline itself or on the economic and social development of China, and to advance the discipline to the first class globally.

    2. To teach courses related to the discipline, to supervise postgraduates, to guide the curricular adjustment, and to reform the teaching contents and textbooks.

    3. To participate in teaching organization and academic team construction, to help the development of young scholars, and to work with other teachers of the Law School towards the common goal of bringing the discipline to the top level.

    4. To publish articles in leading international academic journals as professors of the THULS and to make academic achievements of international recognition during the employment term.

    III. Salaries and Benefits   

    1. The relationship between THU and the Chair Professors is subject to the employment contract entered into between them.

    2. Chair Professors will be offered salaries of international standards and there will be variations where it is necessary. The average pay per capita annually is about 100, 000 USD before tax. Additional benefits will be provided. The income is subject to taxation.

    IV. Application and Engagement   

    1. Applicants shall present detailed resumes (starting from undergraduate college), academic and teaching experience, materials proving academic achievements, plans for research and teaching work at THULS, and contact information (address, telephone, fax, and E-mail).

    2. The THU University-Affairs Committee will vote on the final lists of Chair Professors and the appointment will be undertaken by the President of THU.


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Nov. 2012


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