"Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University" Launched

A launching ceremony of the “Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University” program, jointly founded by Tsinghua University and Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman of U.S. investment and advisory firm Blackstone, was held in the Great Hall of the People on April 21. Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama both sent congratulatory letters to the launch ceremony. Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the ceremony.


Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong delivers a speech


Vice Premier Liu Yandong said at the launch ceremony that higher education, as a key part of humanistic exchange, should create favorable environment for the fostering of students with global vision and outstanding comprehensive capabilities so as to contribute to the peace and development of the 21st century. Liu urged Tsinghua University to continue reform and innovations in its strengthened efforts to enter the rank of the world's leading universities.

Mr. Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Yuan Guiren, Minister of Education, Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone and Chairman of Schwarzman Scholars, and his wife, Mr. Brian Mulroney, Former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister of Australia, Professor John Thornton, Chairman of the Brookings Institution and Professor and Director of Global Leadership at Tsinghua University, Mr. Iain Conn, Managing Director, BP plc., Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Director of China Education Association for International Exchange, Sir Colin Lucas, Former Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, Professor William C. Kirby, Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, T.M. Chang Professor of China Studies, Harvard, Professor Edward Macias, Provost of Washington University at St. Louis, Professor Jean C. Oi, William Haass Professor in Chinese Politics and a Senior Fellow of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University, Professor Louis Goodman, Professor and Dean Emeritus, School of International Service, American University, Mr. Steve Orlins, President, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, and Professor Robert A.M. Stern, Dean of the School of Architecture, Yale University and designer of the residential and academic center for Schwarzman Scholars, attended the ceremony.


Mr. Schwarzman delivers a speech


Tsinghua University President Chen Jining, Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping, Former Tsinghua President Wang Dazhong, Former Tsinghua President Gu Binglin, Former Tsinghua University Council Chairperson He Meiying, and Professor Li Daokui, Director of the “Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University” program, attended the ceremony.


Tsinghua University President Chen Jining delivers a speech


"The world is at an important crossroads that calls for institutions of higher education to step forward and play a significant role in shaping the future of international relations. Tsinghua is honored to partner with Mr. Schwarzman to establish a scholarship program that will help educate and prepare the next generation of global leaders,” said Tsinghua University President Chen at the ceremony.

"A win-win relationship of mutual respect between the West and China is vital, benefiting Asia and the rest of the world, and enhancing economic ties that could lead to a new era of mutual prosperity,” said Stephen A. Schwarzman, "“Leveraging the world-class resources and talented people at Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious universities, the program will bring together an exceptional group of students who, we hope, will one day have the power to change the course of history.”

The program is the result of a $300 million donation, the single largest internationally funded philanthropic effort in China's history. One-third of the endowment is from Mr. Stephen Schwarzman. He also helped raise the additional $200 million.

Schwarzman Scholars offers a one-year study for postgraduates selected from around the world to hone their international perspective and leadership quality. Students will come from the U.S., Europe, South Korea, Japan, India and other areas of the globe.


Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping hosts the ceremony


Schwarzman Scholars has a world-class Advisory Board whose members have unparalleled insight and experience in international policy and diplomatic challenges. It also has an Academic Advisory Council whose members are world-renowned scholars.    

The first class of students is slated for 2016, upon the completion of Schwarzman College, a residential building designed specifically for the program. Robert A.M. Stern, Dean of Yale’s School of Architecture, designed the building, which is based on the residential colleges at Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge. The admissions season will open in 2015.