2015 International Graduate Conference held in Tsinghua University

The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communications hosted the 11th International Graduate Conference on July 6-7, with professors and graduate students from five universities from around the world attending.

Initially founded by the schools of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University and Macquarie University 10 years ago, the International Graduate Conference (IGC) has now five members from four countries, including Sorbonne Nouvelle University from France, Chulalongkorn University from Thailand and Communication University of China.
Professor Jin Jianbin, the Administrative Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, and Professor Cui Baoguo, the Associate Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, attended the opening ceremony on the morning of July 6 in the Global Sources Hall at the Omnicom Building, the headquarters of the TSJC.

 “IGC, positioned from its very beginning as a platform for selected students to have full and in-depth exchange and communication, will normally allocate much more time for each presenter to better introduce his or her study and get feedback from the discussant professor/professors or members of the audience.” Professor Jin told the participants. “Therefore, it’s fair to view and call this IGC as our postgraduates’ own conference.”


The conference had keynote speeches from professors, as well as presentations by Ph.D. students. Topics covered a variety of research fields in journalism and communication, including media use, public relations, science communication, international communication, big data and visualization of communication.

Professor Shi Anbin, Associate Dean of International Development of the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, attended the closing ceremony and give a speech to participants. Professors from other member universities expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from each other. One of the founders of IGC, Professor Naren Chitty from Macquarie University, invited all to attend next year’s IGC meeting, which will be held in Sydney, Australia.(By Wang Qi & Huang Shuo)