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1. How can I pay for the application fee?

Registration fees are 400 RMB, this may be paid online. Please do not include cash when sending your registration documents. If you submit the documents in person you can pay directly.

2. Can I wait until I've arrived at Tsinghua to pay the application fee?

No, you can’t. If you can not pay on line, please contact foreign student affairs office.

3. If I am already studying at another school in China, what is the process for transferring to Tsinghua next semester?

Aside from the required documents indicated on our website, you will also need a letter certifying your current enrollment and intent to transfer to Tsinghua from the Foreign Students' Affairs Office at your present school.

4. Why was I not sent a physical examination form with my admissions package?

The physical examination form is only given to applicants applying to study for one year or more. Applicants applying for only one semester can apply for the F visa, which does not require a physical examination.

5. Can I reserve a dorm room in advance?

Students who enroll during the autumn semester may book dormitory rooms through the university website. Students who enroll during the autumn semester may book dormitory rooms through the university website. For spring semester students, once you arrive at Tsinghua, you can select a room and check-in if you have the following items: Tsinghua Admission Notice, a passport with valid visa, and cash.

6. Approximately how much will I spend on meals in a day?

If you eat in the school dining halls, you will spend around RMB 20 - 30 a day.

7. Does Tsinghua have an airport-pickup service? How do I get to the school from the airport?

The school can arrange to meet groups of 10 or more new students only. If you are arriving by yourself in Beijing, please take note of the following ways you can get to Tsinghua:

From the airport to Tsinghua, the most convenient option is to take a taxi. Upon exiting the main doors of the arrival area of the airport, you will see the clearly marked taxi queue. Do not take the unauthorized "black cars." Normally, the cab fare from the airport to Tsinghua will cost no more than RMB 120 (inclusive of the RMB 10 airport highway toll). Please ask for and keep the receipt from the taxi.

Another option is to take the airport shuttle bus, which will drop you off in Zhongguancun and costs approximately RMB 20. From Zhongguancun you can take a cab to Tsinghua for approximately RMB 15. The earliest bus from the airport to Zhongguancun leaves at 8:30, and the last bus from the airport is at 21:30. Please tell the taxi driver that you are going to Tsinghua's Northeast Gate, Zijing Apartments, or show the driver the map that was sent to you.

8. What mode of transportation is used on campus?

We recommend that students buy a bicycle; motorcycles are not allowed inside campus.

9. What is the check-in procedure for the dormitories?

The dormitory service desk at Zijing Dormitory Building 19 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can check-in at anytime. To check-in you, will need: Tsinghua Admission Notice (or a Student ID for returning students), a passport with valid visa, and cash.

10. What are the restrictions for switching classes/levels and what are the suggestions?

You can only switch classes during the first week of classes. To get an accurate assessment of the class level's difficulty, you should audit all the subjects offered in your assigned class level as well as in your desired class level before switching. For more details, please refer to the student handbook.

11. What are the class attendance requirements and how do I ask permission to be excused from class?

1. For each semester, you are allowed to miss 15% of your total class hours (54 class hours of absences, out of a total of 360 class hours per semester). If you exceed this amount, you will not receive a certificate of course completion at the end of the semester.

2. For students who are asking for their absences to be excused due to illness, please bring related documents such as a medical certificate or a medical receipt.

3. For students who are asking for their absences to be excused due to important matters, please go to the ICLCC Program Office (Room 213 in the Student Services Center Building) and fill out the necessary form.

4. If a student is 20 minutes late for class, he/she will be considered absent for that class hour.

12. What are the restrictions concerning make-up exams?

If the student has a valid reason and asks for permission to be excused from an exam beforehand, then a make-up exam will be granted. Unexcused absences and travel are not valid reasons for missing exams. In line with school regulations regarding make-up exams, the make-up exam must be taken within 2 weeks after the original exam date; otherwise, the student will have to pay an additional fee for a make-up exam.

13. How are the final grades computed?

Midterm Exam 40%, Final Exam 50%, Attendance 10%

14. If I decide to extend my stay for another semester, what will I need to do? (Visa, paperwork, etc.)

Bring your passport and student ID to the Foreign Students' Affairs Office to register for another term. The teachers there will further advise you on what you must do to extend your studies.

15. How soon after submitting my application form will I get feedback from Tsinghua regarding my application?

After sending the registration documents, you can go online and check the registration status. It may take a while before you receive enrollment documents.

16. If I need to leave before the semester ends, what will I need to do?

Inform the Foreign Students' Affairs Office and the ICLCC Program Office of your departure.

17. What currencies and forms of payment does Tsinghua accept for payment of tuition, dorm fees, etc.?

During registration period, fees, USD, yen, Euro or credit card can be used. We don’t accept traveller’s cheque. After the registration period, only RMB and credit card are allowed. Dormitory fees can only be paid in RMB or by using credit card. For detailed information, please refer to the Admission Notice.