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Summer Chinese Courses







To help foreign students and non-native speakers improve their Chinese language proficiency, and to help them better understand Chinese culture and society, the Chinese Language and Culture Center at Tsinghua University offers short-term sessions in July of each year. The school welcomes further enquiries about these courses.


Target groupOversea students over 16 years old.

The start of the programJuly of each year (please contact us via email: iclcc@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn for the detailed date)

Duration:  1 month

Tuition feePlease contact us via email: iclcc@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn for the detailed tuition fee.

DiningAvailable at students’ dining halls with an IC card, expense excluded.

Signing upStudents should sign up at the ICLCC Tsinghua University on their own.



Course schedules

Courses are from Monday to Friday, 20 hours per week, a total of 80 hours.

There is a visit trip every two weeks on weekends.

Students will take a placement test of Chinese on the first day and then be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, each 10-20 people.


Content of courses (The content below is for reference only, we will arrange the courses according to the actual Chinese Language level of the students)

Elementary courses:

Speaking, 8 hours/week; Listening, 6 h/w; General Chinese, 6 h/w.

Contents: The purpose of these courses is to teach students correct pronunciation of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, common words used in daily communications, basic grammar, as well as Chinese character writing skills. Upon completion of these courses, students should be able to carry out simple conversations with Chinese native speakers.


Intermediate courses:

Speaking, 8hours/week; Listening, 4h/w; General Chinese, 8h/w.

Contents: Special efforts are made to teach students how to appropriately express themselves. The text books used are designed to be interesting and practical, to effectively help students understand how Chinese people think and express themselves, while learning key vocabulary and grammar. Listening courses are designed to help students cope in real-life Chinese scenarios, and understand increasingly difficult Chinese language usage.


Advanced Courses:

Speaking, 6 hours/week;    General Chinese, 6 h/w;

Newspaper reading 4 h/w;   Writing, 4 h/w.

ContentsThe conversations in the texts which are going to be studied cover both the modern and traditional cultures and customs of Chinese society. In class, students are expected to discuss the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures. Some recent social issues in today’s Chinawill also be explored. For students who want to understand contemporaryChina, a reading course is offered which focuses on newspaper articles. This course is aimed to help learners understand the social and economic development ofChina, and the lives of the Chinese people. Students are expected to have a comprehensive view of China after completing this course.

The writing course aims to further improve students’ Chinese communication abilities. Writing correctly is a key component of Chinese language learning, and a core component of overall language proficiency.


Elective courses

According to the number of registered students, it may be Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Tai chi martial arts, Cultural background, or history of China.


Visit trips

Visit trips will be to famous places of historic and cultural relics in Beijing.



Instructors are professional teachers from ICLCC, Tsinghua University.



A certificate of Chinese course is awarded, together with report, if the students have completed all courses, passed the exam, and attended 85% of lectures.



Lectures are delivered in reserved classrooms for foreign students in the ICLCC.



Address: ICLCC, Room 213, Zijing Student Service Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 100084.

Tel: (86)010- 62792962 (For Teaching)

Mobile: (86)13810366036 (For Application)

Email: iclcc@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn