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Semester-long Chinese Language Program

The Chinese language program delivers Chinese language courses to the international students who are going to learn Chinese in China. The courses have eight levels, covering from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Class size is approximately fifteen students per class.

Each semester runs for 18 weeks, with classes Monday to Friday, four hours a day. Students can begin their time with the ICLCC in either of these terms and can independently decide the length of the stay at Tsinghua. Some students study at the ICLCC for only one semester, while other students have stayed for as long as six.

 ICLCC offers three grades (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) with a total of eight different levels among these grades in order to meet the various needs of students. Students are assigned an appropriate class level based on a placement exam taken at the beginning of the semester.

In addition to the required “Speaking and Writing” component of the course, ICLCC also offers optional elective courses (held in the evening) in order for students to have the opportunity to better understand Chinese culture.  These courses run for two hours a week (for an additional fee) and students can choose from courses such as Chinese Character Class, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese songs, Erhu, HSK counseling, Business Chinese, and Colloquial Chinese and Chinese Colloquial Expressions.     

Elementary  Level

This course aims to teach students the correct pronunciation of Chinese words, how to write Chinese characters, and the basic grammatical structure of Chinese.

With this basic grasp of the Chinese language, students will be able to apply their Chinese knowledge to get around on a day-to-day basis.  

Intermediate Level

Students are taught more vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, and writing skills. In order build and solidify upon this knowledge, students are given more opportunities to read articles and write short essays.

Advanced Level

Professors will introduce more difficult compound sentences and rhetorical styles, and aim to improve students’reading abilities as well as their ability to express themselves articulately in Chinese. Students will be encouraged to participate in class discussion, conveying their ideas in a more fluent manner. Students will also be expected to read longer, more difficult articles on a number of topics such as Chinese history, geography, economics, and culture.  


Beginner 1
 Required Courses
Course NameHours
Beginner Comprehensive(1)8
Beginner Listening(1)4
Beginner Speaking(1)8
Beginner 2
 Required Courses
Course NameHours
Beginner Comprehensive(2)8
Beginner Listening(2)4
Beginner Speaking(2)8



 Required Courses
Course NameHours
Pre-Intermediate Comprehensive6
Pre-Intermediate Listening4
Pre-Intermediate Speaking6
Pre-Intermediate Reading4
Intermediate 1
 Required Courses
Course NameHours
Intermediate Comprehensive(1)6
Intermediate Listening(1)4
Intermediate Speaking(1)6
Intermediate Reading(1)4
Intermediate 2
 Required Courses
Course NameHours
Intermediate Comprehensive(2)6
Intermediate Listening(2)4
Intermediate Speaking(2)6
Intermediate Reading(2)4



Advanced 1
Required CoursesCourse NameHours
Advanced Comprehensive(1)6
Advanced Speaking(1)4
Advanced Reading(1)4
Optional CoursesBusiness Chinese,Chinese Culture,Listening and Speaking,Classical Chinese,Grammar(Choose Two Electives)4
Advanced 2
Required CoursesCourse NameHours
Advanced Comprehensive(2)6
Advanced Speaking(2)4
Advanced Reading(2)4
Optional CoursesBusiness Chinese,Chinese Culture,Listening and Speaking,Classical Chinese,Grammar(Choose Two Electives)4
Advanced 3
Required CoursesCourse NameHours
Advanced Comprehensive and Discussion(3)8
Advanced Reading(3)4
Optional CoursesBusiness Chinese,Chinese Culture,Listening and Speaking,Classical Chinese,Grammar(Choose Two Electives)4


Elective Classes Open to All Students 

 Course NameHours
Optional CoursesChinese Characters, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese songs, HSK, Erhu, Intermediate Business Chinese, Colloquial Chinese and Chinese Colloquial Expressions4