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State Key Lab

The State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control(SKJLESPC) is the largest national joint laboratory in the research field of environmental science and engineering. It is founded on the basis of Tsinghua University, the Research Center for Eco-Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, and Beijing Normal University. It is composed of 4 laboratories: the Laboratory of Water Pollution Control, the Laboratory of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry, the Laboratory of Atmospheric Environmental Simulation, and the Laboratory of Water Environmental Simulation. The establishment of the State Key Joint Laboratory, was approved by the National Planning and Economy Committee in 1989, funded by a loan from the World Bank in 1991, and constructed in October 1995. The director of the laboratory is Professor Huang xia.

The Water Pollution Control Laboratory, a sub-laboratory of SKJLESPC, was established in 1989 and is affiliated to the SOE, Tsinghua University. Since its establishment, aiming at the hotspots of the world in the field of water pollution control as well as basing itself upon serving the solution of important issues of water environment in China, the Laboratory has been focusing on the research of new water pollution control technologies and their mechanisms. So far, a number of national key projects have been implemented, lots of high level research results have been achieved and a group of high level scientists have been brought up. Now the laboratory is an important force in the field of water pollution control technology, and an important base for the cultivation of top-ranking professional talents.

Major Research Fields:

Appropriate technologies and their mechanisms for wastewater treatment and reclamation
Novel technologies and their mechanisms for detoxication of refractory organic compounds
Appropriate water purification processes for polluted water resources
Ground water pollution control and remediation of polluted surface water bodies
Mathematical model and automatic control of water and wastewater treatment processes