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January & February
Professor Hao Jiming was awarded the 2015 Hagen-Schmidt Clean Air Award.
Two research achievements led by SOE won the 2015 National Science and Technology Award.
Tsinghua University (SOE) and Xi'an Huanuo Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. established the Joint Research Center for Oil and Gas Field Wastewater and Sludge Pollution Control and Resource.

SOE professors Deng Shoubo, Hao Jiming, He Kebin, Huang Xia, Li Junhua and Yu Gang were listed in Most Cited Chinese Researchers released by Elsevier.
Tsinghua University - Toyota Research Center renewed agreement for third-phase collaboration.

SOE celebrated 110th anniversary of Professor Tao Baokai, founder of the Department of Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua.
Tsinghua University Ecological Civilization Research Center was established.
Professor Li Junhua was honored Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program.
Professor Li Jinhui won 2016 "China, Japan and South Korea Environmental Ministers Award"

SOE and Lao Niu Foundation renewed the Agreement for Tsinghua Lao Niu Environmental Foundation.
Professor Bruce Logan of Pennsylvania State University was honored Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University.
"POPs Forum 2016" was held in Xi'an. Professor Yu Gang was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for POPs Elimination".

The impact factor of "Environmental Science and Engineering Frontier" (FESE) reached 1.799.
SOE Graduate student Wang Jiaming was awarded the "2016 Annual Figure of Chinese College Students".
SOE co-organized the 2016 The International Low Impact Development Conference in Beijing.
Wageningen University Day at Tsinghua was held at SOE.

July & August
Undergraduate programs of Environmental Engineering and Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering passed ABET accreditation.
Professor Wang Shuxiao was granted sponsorship from National Natural Science Fund for Young Scholars.
Prof. Hu Hongying was appointed an International Water Association (IWA) Fellow.
Tsinghua University and Kunming Municipal Government signed an agreement on environmental science and technology collaboration.
2016 Tsinghua International Summer School-Environment held at SOE.

Professor Hao Jiming and Professor He Kebin led technical support for guaranteeing the air quality in Hangzhou during the G20 Summit.
"International Education System for Environmental Programs" designed by SOE won first prize of Tsinghua Education Award.

MOU of Environmental Innovation Research Institute was signed between Tsinghua and Suzhou Municipal Government
SOE and Yancheng Municipal Government established Tsinghua University-Jiangsu Yancheng S&T City Joint Research Center for Fuel Gas Emission Reduction Technology.
SOE and the School of Natural Resources and Environment at University of Michigan initiated Joint Bachelor and Master Degree Program
Water Treatment and Reuse Committee of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences was established affiliated to SOE.
Circular Economy Society of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences was established affiliated to Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Asia and Pacific Region
SOE organized the 10th National Ph.D. Candidates Academic Conference in Environmental Science and Engineering.
The First Tsinghua Model Climate Change Conference was held at SOE.

SOE organized the 2016 Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee Meeting of Environmental Science and Engineering
2016 Zhou Jizhong - Shi Xiaoya Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held.
SOE organized the 5th China-South Korea Symposium on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Prof. Hao Jiming won the IBM Global Excellence Scholar Award.
Landfill Leachate Treatment Committee of Chinese Association of Urban Environment and Sanitation was established affiliated to SOE.
Tsinghua University and école des Ponts ParisTech started a double master degree program.
Veolia Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held.
SOE student Ren Shiting and Wan Liyang were honored 2016 Tsinghua University Student Annual Figures.


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