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Teaching Labs of Electronic Engineering Department

The objective of Teaching Lab for Electronic Engineering Education (TLEEE) is to establish a complete experi- mental training system for the students, implement active learning teaching methods and enhance the design-based, research-oriented, practice-based educational content to meet the national development needs of the creative talents. Labs and joint Labs in TLEEE today are :  

        Electronic Circuits Lab
        Exploratory & Creative Lab
        Laser Darkroom
        Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics Lab
        Modern Communication Circuit Lab
        Electromagnetic and Microwave Lab
        Modern Communication Lab
        Computer and Network Lab
        Integrated Electronic Systems Design Lab
        Signal Processing Lab
        Lab of Seminar on National Defense
        Tsinghua-Agilent EEsof ADS Lab for Microwave Simulation
        Tsinghua University and Altera International Limited Joint

SOPC/DSP Lab & Training Center :

        Tsinghua-Xilinx Digital Systems Education Joint Lab
        Asus-Tsinghua Lab for Teaching & Research of NG Portable Digital Equipment
        ZTE Certified NC Engineer Lab for CN Teaching of EE Dept.