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Institute of Communication

The Institute of Communication focuses mainly on the research and development on modern communication theory and technology, Electromagnetic Field and Microwaves.

        - Wireless Communication Technology & Systems
        - Communication Transport Networks & Systems
        - Digital-Signal Processing & Terminal Technologies

Currently this institute provides 16 undergraduate courses and 16 graduate courses, recruits 30-40 PhD students and about 70 master degree students, accepts many research projects from government and/or industry. Also, the post-doc station accepts 4-5 PhD’s in each year.

LDPC encoder/decoder, Chip for Digital TV, and Distributed wireless communication

Awards for research papers

Wirelsss LAN protocols research, and Optical transmission platform 


Multimedia user terminal

10Gbps MSTP chip, and wireless tranceiver

The research fields of the institute include:
        Source coding and multimedia terminal technologies
          - Voice and image compression technology and its application in telecommunication systems
          - Voice signal compression and recognization
          - Digital multiplexing and demultiplexing and jitter-reduction technology
        Broadband transmission and switching technologies
          - SDH and broadband transmission networks
          - ATM and private communication networks
          - Broadband transmission and access technologies
        Wireless transmission and personal communication technologies
         - Code modulation and wireless transmission
         - Multiple wireless access technology
         - Wireless fading channel and diversity
         - Wireless personal communication networks
         - Satellite communication and reproduction   
        Electro-magnetics and antenna technologies
         - Antenna and antenna array
         - Smart antenna and adaptive antenna for mobile communications
         - Diversity and multi-channel antenna
         - EMC and Model Microcell
        Microwave systems and circuit technologies
         - Microwave and milli-meter wave and RF circuit CAD
         - Filter
         - Non-linear circuit theory and technology
         - Microwave integrated chip, high-speed circuit
         - Microwave systems
        Communication Systems Simulation and EDA design
         - Workstations and software management
         - System simulation, signal processing and circuit design environment
         - Measurement instruments and devices management
         - Microwave and digital communication measurement environment

The Institute has established very closed relationship with the world-class universities, research institutes and large-scale corporations in promoting the academic exchanges, joint development, and forming the industrial alliance in all the related areas. Our partners include university such as MIT, UC Berkeley in the United States, WASEDA university in Japan and KAIST University in Korea, research institutes like Lucent Bell Labs, Korean Electronics and Telecommunications, The Research Institute of Samsung, as well as corporations of Nufront International Management Inc., Qualcomm, Motorola in the United States, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, Hitachi in Japan and Samsung, LG in Korea. All these strong connections help to create an excellent environment for lifting our academic level and approaching our long-term goal to make Tsinghua University the world class.