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Faculty Openings - Electronic Engineering Dept. Tsinghua Univ.


·         Doctorate degree in electronic information from an accredited university. Post-doctoral is preferred.

·         Related research experience in satellite mobile communications, array signal processing, and multiuser detection.Related working experience in national research projects.

·         The ability to engage in challenging scientific research, the ability to work independently in innovative research, and good skill of teamwork;

·         High-quality Academic papers on wireless communications and signal processing.


·         Focus on the development of important projects such as Tianlian tracking and data relay satellite system, and Tiantong mobile satellite communication system; explore new theories and methods for multi-beam multi-link cooperative transmission and interference processing; develop new multiple access technology for space communications in complex physical environment and / or harsh electromagnetic environment.

·         Publish high-quality academic papers and invention patents;

·         Carry out domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation;

·         Participate in the supervision of graduate students.

To apply for this position, please send the following materials to gening@tsinghua.edu.cn before 04/30/2017.

1.      Resume/curriculum vitae;

2.      Previous research interests, research topics and research results, and future research plan;

3.      Publication list, and full text of five representative publications;

4.      Scan of Ph.D. degree certificate and scans of related experience proof;

5.      Other supporting materials that describe your academic and research ability.