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Faculty Openings

Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University

Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, is the leading department in electronics and information science in China and aims to be a leading department of its kind over the world. The department has over one thousand undergraduate students and nearly one thousand graduate students, covering the fields of physical electronics and optoelectronics, circuits and systems, electro-magnetic field and micro-wave technology, communication and information systems, signal and information processing, and complex systems and network, although most of our faculties are performing multidisciplinary researches and featuring collaborations in various fields including materials, biology, medicine, environment, and energy.
The department invites applicants for full-time faculty positions. We seek high-qualified candidates with expertise in electronic engineering or related field, committed to a career in high quality teaching, mentoring, and research. 

The search is in the broadly defined area of electronic engineering. Of special interests are candidates in:

-New optoelectronic materials and devices: research that seeks to apply optoelectronic technologies to future information society, and provide techniques and devices to support the development of next generation communications, display, biomedicine, energy and so on. Examples of research areas include, but not limited to, high-speed broadband optical signal processing and related photonic integrated devices, optoelectronic devices based on novel optical materials, physics of optoelectronic devices, nanophotonic devices, display techniques for AR/VR or 3D vision, imaging and non-imaging optics, optical sensing, photonics for energy, etc.
-Circuits and systems: research that focuses on nano-device-based VLSI, computer architecture and information processing systems, basic theory and key technologies of energy efficiency computation, sensing, communication and storage circuits and systems. Examples of research areas include, but not limited to, nonvolatile memory, large-area and flexible electronics, energy-efficient artificial intelligent systems, hardware security, and etc.
-Microwave and electromagnetic field: research that focuses on the interaction mechanisms of electromagnetic waves and materials, and development of high-performance microwave chips, devices, and systems for wireless communication and other applications. Examples of research areas include, but not limited to, novel electromagnetic materials, advanced microwave circuits, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), computational electromagnetics, and terahertz technology.
-Signal and information processing: develop science and technology that involve target detection and positioning, which center on the basic theories and key technologies of information acquisition, transmission and processing, to support applications of detection and estimation of unknown targets, exploration and perception of complex environments, transmission and acquisition of space-time information, etc.. Examples of research areas include, but not limited to, radar signal processing and new radar system, navigation, positioning and timing technique, and multi-source heterogeneous information fusion, etc.
-Communication and network: access, transmit, exchange, and share information based on electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves and other media, to achieve high-quality information interaction among users (including human and machine). Centered on cutting-edge directions such as the Internet of Things and mobile multimedia, research areas include, but not limited to, integrative network, ocean broadband information network, multimedia communication, network security, intelligent unmanned system network, etc.
-Media and cognition: develop theories and techniques of visual and auditory information cognition, aimed at exploring future machine intelligence. Examples of research areas include, but not limited to, machine vision, intelligent speech and language processing, machine learning, neuroscience inspired intelligent systems, etc.
-Interdisciplinary research: by implementing and expanding existing theories and technologies of electronics, photonics, and information sciences, develop devices, theories and technologies to benefit future energy, healthcare, etc.; promote innovations in electronics, photonics, and information sciences fueled by fundamental research in mathematics, physics, biology, neuro-cognition, etc.


Successful candidates must:

-have an earned doctoral degree in the related discipline from an accredited university, research institute, etc.,
-love education and teaching,
-provide related documents verifying his/her academic level and potential, such as papers and citations, awards, patents, and books (book chapters),
-show ability for project application, organization and management.


Priority shall be given to those who have post-doctoral experience in a renowned university, research institute, research group, etc..


Compensation & Benefits:

Tsinghua University will provide successful candidates with competitive salary and start up fund, guarantee at least one high-quality doctoral candidate per year, and support recruiting post-doctoral researchers and engineers to form research team.

Tsinghua University will support successful candidates to apply for the National Thousand-talent Plan and other talent plans.

Tsinghua University will provide successful candidates with benefit packages corresponding to the staffing of government affiliated institutions, including kindergarten, schooling, housing, etc.


To apply for this position, please send the following materials to luofei@tsinghua.edu.cn before April 30, 2019.

-Personal resume/curriculum vitae,
-Academic self-assessment,
-Future research plan and teaching plan,
-No more than five representative publications,
-At least two reference letters,
-Contact information for THREE preferred international reviewers including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.


If you have any question regarding the positions, please call Ms. Fei Luo at (8610) 62789658.

For more information about Tsinghua University and EE Department, please visit our websites at http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn and http://www.ee.tsinghua.edu.cn.