There are 99 faculties, 25 laboratory staffs, and 12 administration staffs in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the end of 2016.
Equivalent to the professional title Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor in US, Tsinghua University has the corresponding titles of Lecturer, Associate Professor, and Professor respectively. There is also another system of professional title, i.e. Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher, and Researcher at Tsinghua University. The original intention of these two parallel systems was to separate research and teaching faculties. With the process of developing the research university, there are only a few professors who do not research and most researchers are willing to teach. Currently the difference between these two categories of professional title is often ignored and they are collectively called Lecturers, Associate Professors, and Professors, respectively, in the rest of this report. There is another professional title in China, i.e. Advisor for Ph.D. Candidates. Only those who hold Ph.D. degrees can apply for the title of Advisor for Ph.D. after they are promoted to Professor.
Each year, the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University will advertise their vacancies worldwide. Qualified candidates are required to report their research and teaching abilities and other achievements to all professors in the department. Based on the vote results of the professors, the materials of several candidates are evaluated anonymously by experts in China. The vote results and the evaluation results will both affect the recruitment results. For Lectures with Ph.D. degrees, three years of faculty experience is the minimum period for promotion. The minimum period from Associate Professor to Professor is five years. One year is required for the promotion to Advisor for Ph.D. Candidates.