In China, high school students take the National College Admission Test (NCAT), and then choose the university and the major according to their scores. In recent years there have been over 10,000,000 students annually taking the NCAT. About 6,500,000 students will be enrolled by universities. Tsinghua University recruits 3,300 students each year. The minimum enrolling NCAT score for Tsinghua University is the highest score in most Provinces. All undergraduate students admitted to Tsinghua University are roughly top 0.1% of the NCAT. In recent years, more than 70 percent of the top-ten students for engineering and science disciplines from all of China’s provinces, excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, have been enrolled at Tsinghua University. The very small admission ratio and the very high enrolling score assure the entry quality of the undergraduates.