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The Institute of Instrument Science and Technology

The Institute of Instrument Science and Technology covers all major areas of modern instrument science and technology, including MEMS, precision measurements and testing, sensors and transducers, and optical memory technology. Researches in the institute are mainly focused on micro/nano technology, MEMS-based space technology, micro air vehicle and its measurement and control system, precision measurement and micro/nano metrology, sensors and intelligent instruments, as well as life science and its instruments. 

As a major part of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology and Instrument Science, the institute provides a wide range of advanced equipment and instruments as well as many facilities for researches, including the Central Laboratory of Tsinghua Micro/Nano Technology Research Center, and the Joint Laboratory for Micro Satellite Technology. 

The institute has registered great achievements including the semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the recordable optical discs, MEMS/NEMS technology, MEMS-based measurement and control systems, and the medical equipment and transducers, etc. The institute has undertook many projects of great significance including the National Projects for Basic Study and Development (the National “973” Projects), the National High-tech Research and Development Projects (the National “863” Projects), the Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Key Scientific and Technological Projects. More than 1500 papers have been published in journals and conferences, over 100 patents have been granted and many awards have been won, including those like the National Invention Award and the National Science and Technology Award, etc.