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The Evolution of Data Protection

Title: The Evolution of Data Protection

Time: April 19, 2:00

Meeting room: FIT 1-415

Speaker: Windsor Hsu, CTO of Data Domain

Abstract: The last few years has seen tremendous disruptions in the way data is backed up and protected. In this talk, we will discuss the changes underway in the data protection space, focusing on the enabling technologies. In particular, we will consider data deduplication techniques and advanced methods for ensuring data integrity, both of which are necessary to replace tape with disk. With a confluence of technology and industry trends, the next few years promises to be even more disruptive. We will outline our vision of where data protection is headed and some of the challenges involved.

Bio: Windsor Hsu is the Chief Technology Officer of Data Domain and is also responsible for research and advanced development for the Backup Recovery Systems (BRS) Division of EMC. He is an EMC Distinguished Engineer. Windsor joined EMC through the acquisition of Data Domain in 2009. He drove the expansion of Data Domain from being focused primarily on disk-based backup to also encompass information archival. He developed new archiving and compliance features for the Data Domain product line, extending its architecture and creating the first storage system optimized for both backup and archival use cases. Before joining Data Domain, Windsor was an IBM Master Inventor at the IBM Almaden Research Center where he led and managed research and technology transfer, specializing in database performance, storage systems, and intelligent information archival. Windsor holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering and computer sciences, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science, all from the University of California at Berkeley.