Prof. Dr. Meixiang WANG

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Prof. Dr. Wang received a BS degree in 1983 from the Department of Chemistry, Fudan University. After spending 3 years in General Research Institute of Non-ferrous Metals as a research associate, he joined Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) at Beijing as a research student. He obtained his master degree (1989) and PhD (1992) under the supervision of Professor Zhi-Tang Huang. He then worked at ICCAS in the next 17 years, ranking from assistant professor, associate professor and professor. During 2000 to 2004, he served as the Director of ICCAS. Since the May of 2009, he has become a professor of chemistry in Tsinghua University. His research interests include enantioselective biotransformations using whole cell catalysts, selective organic reactions for the synthesis of natural products and bioactive compounds, and supramolecular chemistry of novel heteroatom-bridged calixaromatics.


Acdamic Memberships

Org. Chem. Front. (associate editor)

International Conference on Calixarene (advisory committee member)

Asian J. Org. Chem. (international advisory board member);

Beilstein J. Org. Chem. (advisory board member)

Supramol. Chem. (editorial board member)

Chinese J. Chem. (executive editorial board member)



中国科学 – 化学 (编委)



Research interests



Selected recent publications

1.      Zhi-Chen Wu, Qing-Hui Guo, Mei-Xiang Wang,* “Corona[5]arenes Accessed by a Macrocycle-to-Macrocycle Transfromation and a One-pot Three-Component Reaction”, Angew Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201703008.

2.      Xin-Ming Xu, Liang Zhao, Jieping Zhu, Mei-Xiang Wang,* “Catalytic Asymmetric Tandem Reaction of Tertiary Enamides: Expeditious Synthesis of Pyrrolo[2,1-a]isoquinoline Alkaloid Derivatives”, Angew Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 3799-3803.

3.      Yun Zhang, Yu-Fei Ao, Zhi-Tang Huang, De-Xian Wang,* Mei-Xiang Wang,* Jieping Zhu,* “Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalyzed Asymmetric Ugi Reaction by Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of the Primary Multicomponent Adduct”, Angew Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 5282-5285.

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8.      Hu, Zhang, Bo Yao, Liang Zhao, De-Xian Wang, Bo-Xing Xu, Mei-Xiang Wang,* “Direct synthesis of high-valent aryl-Cu(II) and aryl-Cu(III) compounds: mechanistic insight into arene C-H bond metalation”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 6326-6332.

9.      Chuan-Hu Lei, De-Xian Wang, Liang Zhao, Jieping Zhu, Mei-Xiang Wang,* “Synthesis of substituted pyridines from cascade [1+5] cycloaddition of isonitriles to N-formylmethyl-substituted enamides, aerobic oxidative aromatization, and acyl transfer reaction”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 4708-4711.

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