Yebin LIU,  Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Automation

Tsinghua University,  Beijing 100084, China

Tel: +86 (10) 6278 8613 ext 810      Fax: +86 (10) 6278 6911



Ph.D., Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2009

M.S.,  Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2005

B.S., School of Automation, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunication (BUPT), Beijing, China, 2002

  Working Experience

Lecturer, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, 2011 -

Visiting Scholar, Max-Planck Institute Informatic, Saarbucken, Germany, 2010

Post-Doctoral fellow, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, 2009-2011

  Expertise and Research Interests

Markerless Motion Capture and Animation

3D Reconstruction and Rendering

  Academic/Social Activities and Memberships

Committee member of ICCV Workshop on Dynamic Shape Capture and Analysis (4DMOD), 2011

Reviewer for IEEE Trans. Image Processing

   Grants and Contracts / Research Projects

[1] Novel sensor and measurement strategy for electrical capacitance tomography, NSFC (60972097), 2010- 2012

[2] Identification and analysis of pedestrian safety in mixed traffic conditions, 863 project(2009AA11Z206), 2009-2011

[3] Development of ultrasonic gas flowmeter, Tokyo Keiso LTD.,2009-

[4] Multi-modality electrical tomography for multiphase flow measuring, NSFC (60532020, PI: Prof. Huaxiang Wang with Tianjin University), 2006- 2009

[5] Development of novel ultrasonic flowmeter with special sound path, Tokyo Keiso LTD.,2006-

[6] Measurement techniques for gas-solid two phase flow, NSFC (two-base project), 2005-2007

[7] Optimization of electrical capacitance tomography and its applications, NSFC (60204003), 20030-2005

[8] Multi-frequency electrical tomography, the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, 2000-2001

   Honors and Awards

First Prize,  Guangdong Province Award for Scientifc and Technical Progress, China, 2009. (Fourth Author)

Second Prize, National Invention Award, China, 2008 (Third Author)

   Academic Achievements


[1] Yebin Liu, Carsten Stoll, Guergen Gall, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt, "Markerless Motion Capture of Interacting Characters Using Multi-view Image Segmentation", IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2011 (Oral), Colorado Springs, June 21-23, 2011

[2] Feng Xu, Yebin Liu, Carsten Stoll, James Tompkin, Gaurav Bharaj, Qionghai Dai, Hans-Peter Seidel, Jan Kautz and Christian Theobalt, Video-based Characters - Creating New Human Performances from a Multi-view Video Database, in ACM Trans. Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2011), July 2011, 30(4).

[3] Chenglei Wu, Yebin Liu and Qionghai Dai, "Fusing Multiview and Photometric Stereo for 3D Reconstruction under Uncalibrated Illumination", IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, August 2011, vol.17 no.8, pp. 1082-1095.

[4] Chenglei Wu, Kiran Varanasi, Yebin Liu, Hans-Peter Seidel and Christian Theobalt, Shading-based Dynamic Shape Refinement from Multi-view Video under General Illumination, IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision, ICCV 2011, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 6-13, 2011. 

[5] Ying Fu, Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai, "Dynamic Shape Capture via Periodical-illumination Optical Flow Estimation and Multi-view Photometric Stereo", International Conference on 3D Imaging, Modeling, Processing, Visualization and Transmission, 3DIMPVT 2011, Hangzhou, China, May 17-21, 2011.

[6] Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai and Wenli Xu, "A Point-Cloud-Based Multi-View Stereo Algorithm For Free-viewpoint Video", IEEE trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, May/June 2010, vol.16 no.3, pp. 407-418.

[7] Yebin Liu, Xun Cao, Qionghai Dai and Wenli Xu, "Continuous Depth Estimation for Multi-view Stereo", IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2009, Florida, USA, June, 2009.

[8] Chenglei Wu, Yebin Liu, Xiangyang Ji, Qionghai Dai, "Multi-view Reconstruction under Varying Illumination Conditions", Oral, IEEE Int'l Conf. Multimedia Expo, ICME'09, Canjun, Mexico, June 29-July3, 2009.

[9] Guangwei Yang, Yebin Liu, "3D Object Relighting based on Multi-view Stereo and Image based Relighting Technique", Oral, IEEE Int'l Conf. Multimedia Expo, ICME'09,Canjun, Mexico, June 29-July3, 2009.

[10] Xiaoduan Feng, Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai, 'Point-cloud Refinement Via Exact Matching", Oral, IEEE Int'l Conf. Multimedia Expo, ICME'09, Canjun, Mexico, June 29-July3, 2009.

[11] Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai and Wenli Xu, "Graph-Cuts Fusion of Distance Fidelity Maps for Volumetric Multi-view Stereo", Chinese Journal Of Electronics, 18(3), pp449-454, 2009 (SCI)

[12] Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai and Wenli Xu, "A Wide Base Line Multiple Camera System for High Performance 3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video", Chinese Journal Of Electronics 2009, 18(2):275-280. (SCI)


1. "Vision Field Capturing ", Tutorial, 3DTV Conference, in Tampere, Finland, June 7-9, 2010.

2. "Geometry, Motion and Appearance Modeling in Multi-camera and Multi-lighting (MVML) Dome". This talk has been presented in the following research groups:

• MPI Computer Graphics, Saarbrücken, Germany; Nov.3, 2009.

• ETHZ Computer Vision and Geometry Group, Zurich, Switzerland; Nov.5, 2009.

• HHI Computer Vision and Graphics, Berlin, Germany; Nov.6, 2009.

• Philips Research Aachen, Aachen, Germany; Nov.9, 2009.

• RWTH Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Aachen, Germany; Nov.9, 2009.

• INRIA Willow Team, Paris, France; Nov.12, 2009.

• EPFL Audio Visual Communications Lab , Lausanne, Switzerland; Nov.13, 2009.

• SURREY CVSSP , Guildford, UK; Nov.16, 2009.

3. "Multi-view Image based Scene Reconstruction and Rendering", International Symposium on Pattern Recognition and Multimedia Computing, Graduate University of Chinese Academic of Sciences, Beijing, China, June 27, 2011


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