Sun Liping


Sun Liping, Professor of Sociology and Ph.D. Advisor

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Professor Sun Liping’s research focuses on modernization, social transformation, oral social history, and sociology of transition. During his career of more than 20 years in sociology, Professor Sun has published more than 10 books and tens of articles. His publications include Social Modernization, Road to Modernization, Reflection and Exploration on Reform,“Transformation of Chinese Social Structure after the Reform,” and others. In the 21st century, Professor Sun’s Segmentation Trilogy (Cleavage, Imbalance, and Negotiation), in which he brilliantly summarized his observation about the social structure ofthe fast changing Chinese society, has won wide attention from both the academia and the public.  Before coming to Tsinghua, he worked as Tutor, Lecturer, Associate Professor of Sociology at Peking University from 1982 to 2000.

Professor Sun’s main research interests include social development, social structural change, and oral social history.