Jin Jun

  Professor Jun JIN focuses on environmental NGOs, Climate Change, community integration, and Urbanization. His recent publications in both Chinese and English include "Social Distribution of Air Pollution: Air Quality Index of Beijing", "Power of Social Structure: The life and death on Titanic", "Conflicting Climate Change Frames in a Global Field of Media Discourse", "Welfare Erosion and Relation Loss: Social Ecology of Public Housing Projects in Beijing", "Asian Societies and Climate Change: The Variable Diffusion of Global Norms", "Interest Expression of Fragmented Grassroots: Chinese Environmental NGOs in ‘Angry River Campaign’", and “The Reach of Danwei Mobilization: An Analysis on Urban Residents’ Charitable Giving to Project Hope”. Prof. JIN’s main research interests include sociology of transition, environmental sociology, political sociology, and social movements. He was elected the "Most Loved Teachers of Tsinghua University" in 2016.