Guo Yuhua

  Guo, Yuhua (Ph.D., Beijing Normal in1990), Professor of Sociology. She has been teaching in Tsinghua University since 2000. Her main research interests include social anthropology, rural social research, and oral history; especially focus on the relationship between the state and society, protecting rights of peasant workers, and social justice in the process of China’s social transformation. She has published academic works such as Puzzled by Death and Stick to Life: Chinese Folk Funeral Ritual and Idea of Life (1992), Hearkening to the Voice of the Subaltern: How Do We Narrate the Suffering (2011), The Narration of the Peasant: How Can “Suffering” Become History?(2013); and many papers including “Life Circle and Social Security: A Sociological Probe into the Life Course of Workers Out of Work”, “Psychological Collectivization: Cooperative Transformation of Agriculture in Ji Village, Northern Shanxi, as in the Memory of the Women”, and "Digital Divide and Social Cleavage: Case Studies of ICT Usage among Peasants in Contemporary China”, in The China Quarterly 207, September 2011(have been awarded the 2011 Gordon White Prize).