Guo Yuhua


Guo Yuhua (Ph.D., Beijing Normal), Professor of Anthropology and Ph.D. Advisor

ext: 302 

Professor Guo Yuhua has long studied social and cultural change in rural villages, the relationship between traditional cultural and modernity, and the state and society relation. She has published a number of academic articles in journals like Social Sciences in China and Sociological Studies, including “The Collectivization of Heart: Female Memory during the Agricultural Collectivization in Village Ji in Shannxi”, “Complaints Telling: A Mechanism in the Making of State Concept among Peasants”,“Life Course and Social Security: A Sociological Exploration on the Life Course of Laid-off Workers.” She has also written and/or edited several books, including Ritual and Social Change, Reading through Life in the Countryside. Before coming to Tainghua, Professor Guo worked in the Sociological Institute at CASS as Associate Researcher and Research from 1990 to 2000. 

Professor Guo’s main research interests include social anthropology, rural social research, religion and ritual, and oral history.