Since its re-establishment, the department emphasizes academic connections with other departments worldwide. By now, the department has established connections with sociology and anthropology departments in Europe and the U.S., including Chicago, Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Berkeley, and others. In addition, the Department also has frequent contact with departments from Japan, Korea, and India. Within the national territory, the department has regular exchange programs with departments in Tunghai University in Taiwan, Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Recently, the department has successfully held 25 academic conferences with other institutions, welcomed 30 international visitors, and conducted 21 collaborating research projects. All these exchange activities have improved the department’s academic reputation.

Academic Lectures
The department frequently invites distinguished sociologists to introduce new frontiers in sociological research. Recent guest list includes Lin Nan, Michael Buraway, Michael Sobel, Andrew Walder, Gao Bai, Gary Gereffi, James Scott, Zhao Dingxin, E. O.Wright, Zhou Xueguang. This has become one the important component of the department’s academic activities.

Visiting Scholars
The department invites oversea scholars to conduct short-term research in the department. Recent visitors include Zhou Xueguang, Yang Dali, Zhao Dingxin, Michael Soble, C. K. Lee, Guang Lei.

Collaborating Research
Faculty members in the department frequently collaborate with colleagues from oversea and domestic institutions on research projects.