​Professor Peng offers tips for living a happier life

Professor Kaiping Peng, dean of the School of Social Sciences and the chair of the Department of Psychology, is a leading expert in positive psychology. He heads the Tsinghua Happiness Technology Laboratory (H+Lab).

Recently, he delivered an online lecture on how to live a happy life, offering insights into the key ingredients for happiness and sharing tips on boosting emotional and mental wellbeing during stressful times such as a pandemic.

He highlighted four keywords — love, play, service, and meaningful — to discuss what constitutes a happy life, and explained the advantages of positive thinking and how to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

The online lecture is one of several efforts that Professor Peng and his team have carried out to promote positivity among students and the general public since Tsinghua implemented epidemic prevention and control measures.

During the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, Professor Peng and his team had designed much-needed social well-being support tools for those facing crises in the pandemic.

By Guo Lili, Sangeet