Tsinghua to hold first online job fair in the metaverse

Tsinghua University will hold an online job fair in the metaverse for its graduating students on June 2 .

More than 28 companies across industries are participating in the university's job fair being hosted for the first time on a metaverse platform.

Ths virtual job fair is open to Tsinghua students, including 2022 freshmen and 2023 students.

By joining the metaverse platform, students can take part in a job fair presentation at the convention hall, visit the company exhibition hall and make inquiries with different companies about their job offers via video chats.

Time: June 2, 2022 (Thursday) 14:30-16:00

Metaverse Platform: 

Contact: If students encounter any problems during registration, login and use, they can call 62773164 for consultation.

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By Guo Lili, Sangeet