Meet the person behind Tsinghua's use of information technology to combat Covid-19

Since 2020, Tsinghua University has effectively utilized information technology to implement epidemic prevention and control measures on campus.

And this time around, with Beijing witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases, the University has further strengthened its use to offer a safe learning environment to its students and faculty members residing on campus.

One of the individuals behind Tsinghua’s efforts to give full play to the use of information technology in combating Covid-19 is Liu Naijia, a staff member at the University's Information Technology Center.

Recently, Liu took the lead in updating the University's Zijing Health Code system to include users’nucleic acid test results and other check-in and check-out verification features in line with the University's latest epidemic prevention and control measures.

Likewise, his team has developed various mini-app programs on WeChat and other systems to help prevent crowding in public spaces such as canteens and check individuals' body temperature.

Since May 5, the Information Technology Center has dispatched 64 front-line faculty and staff members in two batches to provide services on campus, covering six aspects: campus network operation, information system operation, teaching environment operation, core computer room operation, user services, and maintenance of on-campus safety and security, creating a solid "hexagonal service" team.

Liu has been living on campus to ensure the smooth implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

"It is our duty to stand up and be reliable at critical moments," Liu says.