Tsinghua staff members work around the clock to keep campus safe from Covid-19

Many Tsinghua staff members are working around the clock to effectively implement epidemic prevention and control measures to keep the Tsinghua community on campus safe from Covid-19.

Among them are the staff members of the Tsinghua University Information Technology Center, responsible for campus security and safety and virtual learning and teaching arrangements.

Sun Jie works as an engineer at the center. He helps develop teaching resources development and participates in major events audio and video security tasks, from video production, editing, and shooting to live broadcasting, online conference software operation, and live streaming.

Not long ago, he was engaged to his girlfriend. But with the surge in Covid-19 cases in Beijing, the university implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, which meant he had to work from campus and couldn’t meet his fiancee in person.

He was not sure how his fiancee would take the change in his working circumstances. But he says he was moved by the support shown by her to him.

“She reached out to me and told me to work without worrying. I was so moved that I posted a WeChat moment, thanking her for her understanding and support in the fight against Covid-19.”

By Guo Lili, Sangeet